Sri Lanka
Location: Ritigala
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Covered in a blanket of haze and rising out to a height of 766 m above the sea-level from the dry north central plains, the lone hillock of Ritigala is the highest mountain in the north-central province of Sri Lanka. located 188 km north-east of Colombo, at Ganewalpola, near Kekirawa/Maradankadawala of north-central plains of Sri Lanka and, The mountain is about three miles long at the longest point and about two miles wide is covered with dense jungle inhabited by wild Elephants, leopards, bears and has been declared a Strict Natural Reserve in order to maintain its unspoiled environment. The upper part of the mountain is well known for its flora, some of which are rare; it has a range of wild orchids. Ritigala is home to over 70 rock caves that are believed to have been inhabited since the first century BC. A short climb off the foot of the mountain takes the visitors to the ruins that are scattered over an area of about 120 acres and has no stupas, no image houses or temples. The architecture here is in line with all other forest monasteries of Pansakulikas: certain mysterious traits unique to Sri Lankan Spartan architecture, long paved paths often with roundabouts in them, large stone-lined and stepped reservoirs, and unique double platforms